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The Trend for Driftwood

It has been a food photography trend for some time to place the subject on a surface which can only be described as different stages of rotting wood and so common is this that I find myself contemplating a visit to a beach somewhere to collect a few pieces!

Then just consider the question, how does this enhance the beautifully styled and dressed food in the shot?  Not sure I know the answer but would love to hear from anyone on the subject.  It doesn't rank for me up with a clean, crisp tablecloth with a pattern or plain.
I guess the appeal is the outdoors type of shot where the wood is your heavily over wintered garden table, now baking in the sun!   Rusty metal I've also seen, but again the surface seems to evoke an impromptu meal on the steel factory shopfloor.  Okay, tableware producers - the gauntlet is thrown down, wow us with your wares and we'll confine the industrial surfaces to subjects that aren't consumed by mouth!


The £500 OFFER:

My objective is to make the access to good imagery affordable and straightforward, so the offer is as follows:

  • I will spend one day (min. 8 hours) at your site/location and will bring my travelling studio
  • The next day I will make available on Dropbox, the images for you to select and choose for post processing
  • Photoshop work as required to bring the chosen images to the highest standards of reproduction
  • Delivery to you and/or appointed designer in the format needed.
  • I will just need to add travelling expenses, as we may not be local to each other!
Fresh Montgomery article on food photography: